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History Of Tattoos, Sutherland Macdonald Is Britain's First Tattooist

In Physchology And Tattoos , Sutherland Macdonald stands out because the country’s first professional tattoo artist. After James Cook‘s journey to the South Pacific, where the crew was exposed to Polynesian inking culture, tattoos began to trickle into society, growing in popularity by way of the years. For his part, Macdonald was said to have been exposed to tattooing in the 1880s whereas with the British Army.

Already an artist, Macdonald picked up the craft and by 1889 was operating a tattoo parlor out of the Hamam Turkish Baths at 76 Jermyn Street in London. In Victorian England, working as a tattoo artist was unheard of. In actual fact, in 1894 the Post Office Directory—the Phone book at the time—had to add a brand new skilled category for his listing.

Thus, the word tattooist, a mix of tattoo and artist, was coined. Macdonald remained the only skilled below the class for 4 years. “While tattooing was occurring, there is no such thing as a evidence of one other professional studio in Britain on the time, working on paying clients,” explains Matt Lodder, a lecturer at the University of Essex.

Macdonald, who started off using hand tools and then graduated to an electric machine that he patented in 1894, had his share of celebrity and aristocratic shoppers. He’s said to have tattooed a number of of Queen Victoria’s sons, as effectively because the kings of Norway and Denmark. Tattoos had been changing into more and more in style with the European elite after Britain’s King Edward VII and his son had been tattooed in Jerusalem and Japan, respectively. And if that weren't enough, Macdonald can also be thought to have pioneered the use of blue and green in his work. All informed, Macdonald is a historic tattooist who helped pioneer the artwork form, helping elevate it to a respected profession.

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